what is the difference between an ....

  1. agency nurse and a nurse hired by a recruiter "headhunter"?

    is there better wages with one over the other?

    thanks for your time!
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  3. by   nightingale
    The pie is still the same size; the more slices/people involved, the less the Nurse gets. IMHO

    I see the term Headhunter used in Management Recruitment.
  4. by   caligirl2
    nightngale: thanks for the response. so with the agencies....nurses get paid more? or is it the recruiter? sorry to sound dumb here...i really just need to understand this. thanks a bunch
  5. by   nightingale
    Perhaps it would be easier to ask, what are you looking for? What is your goal? Because there really are lots of options.

    Travel contracts are different then per diem and the funding is different. It would be best to know the billable figure of the Agency.

    A big variable is the part of the country you are in.
  6. by   mobilmedic
    I have a question to ask about nursing agencies' liability:

    A nursing agency sent one of their aides to a patient's home, to assess that patient's needs and whether the aide will take the homemaker case. During the 35-minute conversation between the patient and the aide, the aide mentioned that she needed a cellular phone because the one she had been using had been stolen.

    The patient, who had a spare cell phone, offered that phone to the aide for an undisclosed price: the price had not been negotiated because the patient wanted to make certain the aide's carrier would transfer the phone to their system: the patient's carrier was different. But the aide didn't need the phone after all.

    About two weeks later the aide began working the case for the agency. After the fourth day working at the patient's home the aide finally returned the phone-- irreversably broken!!

    The agency is stating they are not liable because the aide didn't start working for the patient until a couple of weeks later, when she had already possession of the phone.

    IMO the agency is liable for the phone because the aide represented it the moment she came to the patient's door.

    QUESTION: Who is correct, the agency or me?