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My agency will call me for shifts at facilities that I will not go to, then they seem to get mad and say stupid things like "well we need to fill this but no one else will cover this shift either". ... Read More

  1. by   painslayer
    Hey, all of you! I just started doing agency myself.

    Sorry, but I do not see why I need to schmooze the agency so as to get a shift. You know, if they do not give me what I want, I go elsewhere. Talk to them as a businessman, and they will "get it."

    Here is an interesting thing that happened to me this week. This should be a lesson to all nurses to make sure you understand how you are paid (W-2 vs 1099). So, here it goes.

    In northern cal the guy with a strong accent calls me to tell that he found my website and has a "job" for me. "Great," said I, "I could use you." "How much," asked the fellow. "Regular," said I. (In Northern Cal it is roughly 42 per hour). He said, "No problem, Let me run it by my boss, I think I can give you 42." "Fine," said I, "Convert it to a corp to corp (1099-type) rate (come to about 50 dollars per hour), and you got a deal." "I will call you tomorrow," ***hole replies.

    Today, he calls me feigning excitement, "I got the final number for you!" "Yes," said I pensively." "I CAN give you 42 per hour" almost screams he, "On 1099," softly adds he. I almost crashed my car laughing.

    NOTICE A CLASSICAL BAIT AND SWITCH SCAM: the number does not change, but instead of classifying you as an employee, he now pays you as an independent contractor. That is, he makes 20 dollars per hour off you, and you are responsible for all taxes.

    P.S. For those without a degree in accounting, 42 per hour on 1099 in California (with high WC) translates into less than 30 dollars per hour salary.

    p.s.s. the name of the agency is a------a. they are like cockroaches everywhere. this is the third time I come across them, and this it the third time they (trying to) take me for a ride. This time I knew better and told the guy to shove it...
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  2. by   Kaye
    I work for a great Agency in StLouis. The staffer I've worked with for years has gone to night time. This new person can not read or remember what shes been told. I know its written down for her as well. So every time she calls me on my cell, I don't call back till after 9pm, since it costs me minutes if I use my cell during the day. When she offers me shifts clear across town, I remind her once where I live, the next time I call the manager to let him know her reading ablilty is slipping--again. He fixes it. They understand my situation and as long as they work with me I'll do what I can for them. This said, I get the shifts I want, at the hospitals I want, and few calls, any more, for wasted things.
    I've worked for agencys that called at 3am to schedule for next week. I only worked there for a week before I found a nurse friendly agency. I agree with one of the other emails, going in once a month and getting to know the people helps.