What can I expect as an agency nurse?

  1. I just put an application in as an agency nurse. I decided it would be more beneficial to me to pick up hours that way than on my old unit. The reason being:
    I currantly work an inpatient hospice facility that is owned by the hospital that I had previously worked. Over the last 2 monthes I have been trying to get a hold of HR manager because at first my pay was wrong (this was fixed, but I never got the amount owed to me) and now I am not getting my vacation benefit when I pick up at the hospital. I have called 2 times in the last week alone, and he won't return my calls. So, when I work my regular job everything is ok and I get the vacation time added to my check. When I pick up at the hospital, I get NO vacation time added and it costs me money because I have to pay 2.25% in taxes for working in the city. I have told the secretary that I spoke with over the last couple monthes that I expect to either get per diem rate or my vacation time. I don't care which. Again, can't get the guy to return my call.

    So, I have decided since they don't respect me enough to return my calls, they can pay an agency nurse and I will work at another hospital. (Can't work at mine as an agency.)

    Anyway, I found a company through an old nursing school friend that was very happy to have me. (Tele experience with a preferance for 3-11 shift.) I just need to get all my papers in order. Now, my question is this...What can I expect as an agency nurse? I have never had a problem working with them (any and all help is appreciated, IMHO), but know some nurses that do (the whole doing the same job, for more pay.) Any advice would be appreciated.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    It does not always come out to more pay, the issue is that there are no benefits involved, no sick time paid so when you are not working that shift, you do not get paid for it.

    It is great for extra money for the extra shift, but you can get cancelled and not get your hours in. They are not guaranteed hours, but otherwise the work is the same.

    And if you would be working overtime at your facility for 1 1/2 times your pay, then the agency pay may not be as high as that either. You need to find out what works in your individual case, but what works for one does not necessarily work for another.

    Best of luck to you.