Urgent Care travel opportunities?

  1. I have a lot of work experience in Walk-in Care, telephone triage, and such. Is there travel nurse opportunity to do that without doing ER/trauma? Thanks for any responses.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    I haven't seen any jobs posted like that. It is usually hospitals that need the most help, so agencies cater to them.
  4. by   Euskadi1946
    A lot of clinics, urgent care and doctor's offices prefer MAs since they are so much cheaper than RNS...
  5. by   Dixielee
    Most hospitals will not accept you as a traveler unless you have current experience in that area. That said....there are lots of hospitals out there that are hurting for nurses. Depending on your background and how flexible you are willing to be, you may be able to find a travel job in something other than a level 1 or 2 trauma center. While they may get some bad patients, that is not the norm, and may be something suitable. Also a lot of large ER's have a "fast track or urgent care" area. You may find something in one of those. You will need to make a lot of phone calls, and be willing to risk rejection, but you may hit something you like. What does it hurt to make a few calls??? Just make sure if you do get an interview, you are honest about your skills and limitations. Do not represent yourself as something you are not, because as a traveler you are expected to hit the floor running after a brief orientation. Good Luck!

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