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Hello everyone - StarMed and Nursefinders are planning to close several of their offices during this first quarter of the new year. I received a letter already from StarMed stating that they are... Read More

  1. by   mattsmom81
    I like the freedom of agency...I guess if they 'dried up' I /we could go self employed (although we would have to market ourselves, pay our own taxes and insurance, etc...more time involved)

    Sounds like this may be the best future for all of us if it has to happen.

    Still beaucoup agencies in the Dallas Fort Worth area...both big and small. Haven't heard any scuttlebutt about Nursefinders and Starmed, but I don't work with either.
  2. by   Nancy kisor
    Originally posted by burntnurse
    i've worked for nursefinders for 5 years and in this area they are the best to be had as far as i'm concerned, but of it all depends on the attitude of the people in any given office. my office managers are both terrific (i work out of two offices one in mass and their new on in RI). i know the're one of the oldest agencies around and it shows. very professional. i think it is worth your while to try them.

    I am thinking about relocating to RI next month. When did nursefinders open an office there? Would you happen to know which hospitals in that are using lots of agency in the providence area? Also, in your opinion, which area is better for agency, RI or the Boston area? I have some family in Brookine, so the boston area is also an option for me. I would really appreciate any help that you could provide.

    Thanks is advance,
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  3. by   eddy
    I don't know why you East Coasters don't opt for local travel contracts rather than do per diem. It always seems like everywhere you look, there are travel assignments available out east. Guaranteed hours, more or less the same pay... Am I missing something?
  4. by   JoyfulNurse
    Hi all,

    Great discussion. My agency, formerly United Med Group, then America Nurse Recruiters, her in Washington State closed up on 2-1-03. W/o telling its nurses. I found out from a hospital I reported to. They are big, having the market cornered here in the Tacoma area, and have offices all over the western half os the US. Took them 3 weeks to pay us, (had daily pay) and then paid only base rate. I lost nearly 500.00. Have given up on agency, as it seems to be drying up here.

    Thinking about moving back home to San Antonio, to get closer to the family. Anyone know what the market is like there?
    I did a summers worth of work for United there two years ago, as we vacationed, but was disappointed by the pay. Here I made 28.000/hr and in Texas the agency pay was only 15-18.00/hr. (LPN/LVN)

  5. by   eddy
    I thought the Tacoma area was a good agency area. Goes to show you how things change I guess. A friend of mine works for an agency in Tacoma. She's an LPN and makes like 26-29. Think the place she goes to mainly is named Fransisco something or other, and there's another called something like Allenford or Allenshore Hospital.

    Sometimes she makes more than I do and I'm an RN! Goes to show how different markets are too. I was thrilled with my 28-32 RN rates.... until she told me about what RN's there were making..... WOW! hehe....
  6. by   Nancy kisor
    I've heard RN's getting up to $60/hr in Washington state on Favorite Nurses website. Their office coordinator told me that they have so many open shifts near Yakima, that people are coming in from all over the state to fill them
  7. by   JoyfulNurse
    Hi there and thanks for responding to me!!!

    I've been to Fransiscan Care Center before myself. Many of my peers have quit agency as the work has simply dried up. I was driving over an hour each way myself. I used to work for two agencies, but one of them all but quit offering me work.

    Tacoma area used to be very high paying for nurses. And, RN's just simply arent used as much in my sector which is LTC. I've heard of companies getting smart and opening there own in house agency so to speak. Extendicare has done that. Thay have like 4-6 facilities within 1/2 hour of me, and the pay is 27.00 for the 'float pool'. No bennies though.

    Anyone know about the San Anotonio market? LTC specifically? Not just agency, but also pay rates and so forth.

  8. by   eddy
    I think the Tacoma market is still pretty attractive from what I've heard from friends. It sounds like maybe your agency has just taken the back seat to one of the others in the area. You might want to chat with some of the other agencies and feel them out.

    Sorry, no idea about the San Antonio market. Wish I could help on that.