Something needs to change. Is agency for me?

  1. I have been a RN for 4 years now. I've Spent over a year in telemetry, and the rest of the time in the ED working as a full time staff nurse. I am getting burnt out with this job. Agency nursing has been an interest of mine for some time, I just don't know where to start. I am a 27 year old single guy with no kids, and people are tell me that working as a "FT staff nurse" at this time in my life is a waste. My schedule often sucks, and my pay checks are comical at best. I've recieved a total of 85 cents raise in the four years I have been employed at this hospital. ($22.52 increased to $23.37/hour)

    I live right outside of New Orleans, LA (approx 8 miles away). Any advise is much appreciated.

    -Where do I start? (Do I just google Louisiana agencies)?
    -Should I expect better schedules? (I am a Saint's season ticket holder and would like to attend some games this year) lol
    -Any idea what kind of hourly pay is to be expected with my experience?
    -Really any information you care to share with me is appreciated.


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  3. by   gnursjr2

    Have you ever considered moving to another state? A nurse with 4 years tele and ER can move to another state and make much more money. I'm sure the cost of living is a lot less in your area, but if I was you - branch out. Your pay does not sound right to me at all. I hope you will consider looking around. You can do better for sure!
  4. by   amandanurse
    You are young an single. Get in touch with some travel nurse agencies. There is still $ out there if you are willing to go anywhere.
  5. by   CoreyD123
    Dude! Go to They have a list of the 10 best travel companies rated by the site. I took a night and applied to a bunch of the positions a while back and there are TONS of opportunities all over the US if you are willing to travel. ER is in high demand too so if you work at it a little bit, you are sure to get job offers. I am from Baton Rouge area but live in the eastern part of the state and am working in TX right now. I have been getting many offers for Tele positions, but I want to stay in ICU, so I am handcuffed for at least another 8 months or so while I gain my min required year (many want 2 years) of ICU. I'll PM u some more info.
  6. by   CoreyD123
    Ok apparently I don't know how to PM on this site but you can email me your email to my junk email address at and I'll email you from my real email address. I was really ready to travel now because my wife just got laid off and it would have been a great vacation for us. . .anyway. . .get at me, bro.