Seeking the Holy Grail of Agencies- can you help?

  1. Hi All,
    I'm looking to change agencies, and I need some help. I am a cardic nurse temporarily working in the Worcester, MA area as a travel nurse. Over the past 15 years (at my home hospital in Orlando, FL), I have developed knowledge in a range of floors- mostly cardiac and step-down units, and to less of a degree with PCU and med surg units as well.

    My current situation is this:The staff and recruiters at my agency have never worked in a hospital, yet they claim to understand all of the challenges nurses face and will support them as needed. This claim is humorous given that the staff and agents often do not ask hospitals simple key questions when booking assignments. For example, when I ask basic questions like: "what's the hospital's/position's pay rate", "what is the patient/nurse ratio?",or "what type of unit and patients are on the floor?", I often receive responses like, "Oh, I didn't ask", "Does it matter?", or "The hospital didn't say". As time progresses, I realize that these questions are indicative of larger issues facing the agency. As such, I know its time to leave. However, where to go...

    Does anyone know of a travel nurse agency/ies or agents (in the Worcester, MA area) that they feel are 1) knowledgeable about the challenging and dynamic nature of nursing in hospital settings and 2) look out for their nurse recruits? Or am I looking for the "Holy Grail" in travel agencies'?

    If you do know of such an agency, please respond to this post. Any help/advice would be most warmfully received and appreciated.

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  3. by   loricatus
    Well, after reading your post, I envisioned you as the Don Quixote of travel nurses, singing "The Impossible Dream" Sorry-just couldn't help saying it.

    I think the area you are in has a decent agency called Sagent. They have a good reputation; but, the key will be to find a seasoned recruiter. If I recall correctly, one of the seasoned recruiters that's mentioned is named Drennan McSomething.

    I also think that in CT, there's Onward; but, although they understand what the nurse is looking for, their pay can fluctuate, depending on the area.

    Good luck with your quest...
    (BTW, it's one of my favorite songs, so no ridicule is intended-I admire your determination)
  4. by   PalmoRN
    I have worked for several agencies in several states...sometimes...the same agency but a different office...I really feel that the quality of an agency seems to be the office staff more than anything else... current upstate NY...they seem to hold good staff...but the office down in Tallahassee,FL...Oh, my God...never again...morons!
    This can matter more than the particular benefits...if you can't get good work because of the staff is too disorganized what good are the benefits...