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  1. Can anyone point me to an agency in the Sacramento area. I am a travel nurse but I don't want to extend anymore. So I am thinking of doing per diem work at area hospitals. I figure I can work Stockton, Sacramento, Modesto etc. I am currently signed up with nurse finders but they don't seem to have anything or my recruiter is lazy because every time I email her she takes 4-5 days to respond. Looking for other agencies.
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  3. by   ICUman
    Why not apply directly to the hospitals as per diem staff?
  4. by   8-ball
    I have been doing that since calls back yet and there arn't that many per diem available I only see one once every month or so and it seems its usually a position created for an internal applicant. My current hospital I am on contract with has an opening and I have told them I am interested but that have to wait for internal applicants first.
  5. by   8-ball
    So I just found out I cant take the job at my current hospital because I am a traveler here and apparently they have to pay my company a finders fee until I have worked at least 1000 hours at the hospital even though I already worked at Kaiser LA prior and my current place is a Kaiser in the east bay area. I guess since they are 2 different unions it doesn't count together. Oh well. I have been here since Nov so after a while I can apply b/c I will have 1000 hours here maybe in July.
  6. by   ICUman
    Any chance to work at Kaiser is very lucky
  7. by   Bholmes
    I got your pm but will not let me reply back to you... I would like to hear more about Ameritech and how your preparing for CRNA school. You can either pm me or send me an email @

    Thanks man!