No Sense!

  1. When I was an stna, I worked at this nursing home. I went off to nursing school and then when I graduated I went back to that nursing home for a job. I worked there for many many months when I was offered a position for better pay and a 5 minute drive from my home at a hospital.
    I put my proper notice in. Didn't give any reason for me leaving besides the desire to search for work closer to home. (It was over 100 miles a day round trip drive I was putting on my car) I had worked there total about 6 years.
    They could not find a replacement for me and became angry with me when my proper notice happened to fall on a Friday and the following Saturday and Sunday would have been my regularly scheduled weekend. They were angry because I would not agree to work those two days.
    When I first started working there.. they were basically a not-for-profit facilty. They were bought by a major hospital "chain" I was working there when they transitioned.
    For some odd reason, the job that I was offered fell through. After I had gone and passed the employee physical and drug test.. I called and asked when the orientation started. It was at that point that I was told that they had already filled my position (?!!!???!?!)
    I've applied at several different locations that are all owned by this major hospital "chain". Each time, I could not even get in for an interview. I would get an email thanking me for my "impressive resume" and that they were seeking out other candidates.
    The new agency that I work for staff's the nursing home where I started at. They had asked me if I had ever been DNR'd at any facility and I explained that I had worked there previously and that I had applied at other locations within their network and was never re-hired. I did not know if they had possibly put in my file to never re-hire. The agency contacted their HR person and they stated it was not a problem that I come back, I just had to sit through a 4 hour orientation and then shadow a nurse since it's been a few years since I worked there.
    This is what makes no sense to me...
    When I was applying at my agency.. the gal that hired me showed me this staffing website that they use and I guess they have to "bid" on different shifts. When I looked at it, I noticed my old nursing home had available shifts for every unit every shift.
    The other thing that I noticed was the hospital that I had just been turned down for because they were "seeking other applicants" had open shifts for a majority of their units and for the majority of their shifts.

    Does it make sense to you to pay a staffing agency to fill your voids when you have persons applying that you'd pay less?

    I mean, I'm not good enough to work for them as a staff person, but it's ok for me to come and work at their facility as an agency nurse?

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  3. by   caliotter3
    It's called blacklisting and retribution and poor management decisions. Found in many places, at different times, in different circumstances. Nothing you can do about it. It would be better for you that while with your agency, you try to avoid the place where you once worked, as well as the place that hired you, then reneged.