New agency Home Health RN, What is the usual rate in Chicago?

  1. I recently hired by an agency to do home health nursing for a disabled patient, I have 10 years experiency in critical care as a medical assistant and just graduated from a BSN-RN program and I do not know if the rate they are giving me is correct. Can you help me. I haven't signed a contract yet and would like to have input and what else should I be looking for in the contract. Please help!!!

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    Does anyone know what the home health agency rate is for a new grad?
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    i am an agency LPN. my suggestion to you would be to cold call another agency here in chicago and ask what their going rate for a similar contract would be. im getting the feeling that you feel they are offering too little based on your degree status, and you are probably correct. may i ask why you are moving away from hospital duty?
  5. by   pedsBSN-RN
    Well basically I'm doing home health, first because my aunt works with a client who needed a bilingual nurse and prefers new grads so he can mold us to the way he wants us to be and now that I'm there I love the ability to spend actual quality time with my patient and get to be a part of the family as he states. It is totally different, it's just very satisfying. I'm not pulling away from the hospital setting completely, I am also working as a Peds nurse part-time. Thanks for the help!!
  6. by   caliotter3
    In general, you can expect less than what you would get at a hospital because you have to take into consideration the reimbursement rate that the agency is getting from the payor and their overhead. The plus side to this, is of course, you are only working with one patient. I would definitely call around to different agencies, without giving your name, and ask what they are paying their nurses for private pay, insurance company, and medicaid cases. Make certain they are aware that you are an RN and not an LPN. Good luck.
  7. by   chidoggie9
    I am a PRN home health nurse on the south side of the city. I get paid $50 per regular visit, $60 for an admission. I work with adult patients that have recently been discharged from the hospital and need monitoring and education for changes in there regimen. Hope this helps!
  8. by   gonzales23
    I work with a home health agency here in Chicago (MedCare HMC) and $50/$60 is in line with the market here.
  9. by   Aviationurse
    I have been a hospital rn and have no home health agency they train...i live in the northwestburbs of chicago..thanks kindly
  10. by   gonzales23
    Absolutely. If the home health agency does not, they're probably not that reputable. For someone new to home health, the least the one I work for...will slowly ease you into this role, by giving you 1-2 patients to start and then our DON will review your visits w/you and increase your workload when ready. A lot of our RNs visit around their work schedules from the hospital and we have others that have young children and visit when it's convenient for them. Home Health really gives an RN a lot of flexibility in their schedules. If your looking to investigate the industry and would like training email me at

    Good Luck I hope I helped :spin:
  11. by   Aviationurse
    gonzales23..ive sent u an email....ive tried applying to home health but they wont train staff..i work in pscyh ..did med surg many moons ago when i can walk faster...
    my girlfriend does 10 visits a day at 60buckos per visit and goes to work on her full time job..she wont share the name of her agency though to other people

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