Interviewing with TWO agencies on Monday... advice!!

  1. Okay, so this coming Monday I have interviews with TWO agencies; Favorite Nurses and InteliStaf.

    Advice please!

    What kinds of questions are they going to ask me?

    What questions do I need to ask??

    Thank you!!!:kiss
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  3. by   nickel606
    I worked with Favorite Nurses a few years ago. Be prepared to take a lot of tests... medications, dosage calculations, OSHA blah blah blah. They do automatic rebooking which means if your confirmed shift got cancelled, they automatically rebook you to another hospital that you agreed to go, mostly without asking you. And the branch where I worked they get mad if you decide you just wanna stay home and take a day off.

    My advice, ask for their list of hospitals (they actually should provide you with one) and only pick a few and make sure you pick the ones that you're familiar with. Along the way you will be able to meet nurses that go to different hospitals and ask them what kind of experiences they have at any particular hospital. They are really good at telling you where to go and where not to go. You can always call the agency and add more hospitals to your list as you get more information from other nurses. The more hospital you have the better chances of you getting the hours you want.

    I dont work for them anymore. Their pay rate is high but they cancell a lot. Plus they are so quick on deactivating you in their system esp if you dont work for them on a regular weekly basis. But I want to stress that this is just my experience on one particular branch. Your experience might be different. Goodluck!
  4. by   misschelei
    Basically as long as your experience and references check out you've got the job. They are gonna put you through a battery of tests though be prepared for that. I was extremely unhappy with Intelistaf and I'm not alone. Check out the thread Intelistaf v. Kforce in the agency forum. Someone just drudged it up from the dead so it should be near the top. I also heard about the automatic rebooking thing at Favorite and how they get upset if you take time off. Good luck.
  5. by   galatky
    nickels right,
    i think they might take advantage of first timers.
    email me and Ill help you if you need it.
    favorite is really a small timer if you want to work at caritas, nortons or UL
    good luck
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