How much to tell recruiter...?

  1. I resigned from a med surg position with no notice. I did it for several reasons, none of which are really relevant now, I suppose. I know it was a not smart thing to do, I regret the way I left. (I truly understand if you must lecture me- I deserve it). I was considered a "great nurse" by several senior members of the staff who said they'd be happy to offer recommendations on my behalf when I contacted them after I left. I had worked there more than 5 years, it has been my only nursing position, and I had good relationships with colleagues.
    I'm interested in an agency posting. I've worked with contract nurses and have seen the difficulties that can be associated with these positions. I believe I have the confidence and skills to hit the ground running.
    Here's my question:

    Am I right in assuming I should be straight with a recruiter about how I left? I've been given conflicting opinions. My instinct is that- despite the number of good references I have (spanning back to positions prior to nursing)- when they contact my previous employer and are likely told I'm not eligible for rehire, red flags will fly. From what I have gathered, a level of trust is desired in the nurse- recruiter relationship. I really want this job.
    Thanks in advance for any advice!
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  3. by   Gary Mendoza
    It's impossible to answer this question without knowing the backstory. There are so many variables and so many different situations that could have lead to you resigning. I will say that generally most agencies really don't care so long as you have good references and it wasn't a patient care or a diversion problem. Agencies are looking to make money and if they can market you and your skills, they will.
  4. by   preemiepoweredRN
    I agree with the above comment.
    As long as you are marketable and have good references, most recruiters will not hound you for too much information (in my experience)..but with that said, do not withhold any information that would be better coming from your mouth rather than found out from other sources ( ie diversions, violations etc). Honesty is the best policy.
  5. by   Good_day
    I left for personal reasons, nothing fishy nursing wise. The only reason I'd be not eligible for rehire is that I left without notice.
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  6. by   cockadoodie
    it depends on the integrity of the agency hiring you, which without any information you will find out as you work for them. I agree with the above posters, if you have no license issues you will be fine.