how did traveling worked for you?

  1. i'm thinking of going through an agency and only know about it from the agency's websites BUT i would like to know what's it really like???
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    It depends on the agency you work with, and who you are. If you're a person who enjoys change, and finds it easy to fit into different situations, you will do fine. If you're able to go to a hospital and hit the floor running, you should do fine. Travel nursing is not for those who aren't used to being away from family members, and friends, and finds it stressful to do so. But you like being on your own, and or find it easy to make friends, and enjoy seeing new places, travel nursing is definitely for you. If you have any specific questions, please PM anytime.
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    I love travel nursing and then it feels great to come back to home base.

    I am looking forward to working local agency the last 2 weeks of November and December and possibly not going back to traveling until the Spring.

    Right now there are many hospitals not sure whether it makes sense to bring in the travel nurses vs. using local agency. It all depends upon what their needs and budgets are.

    I can swing either local agency or travel. I'm happy as long as I work.
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    I agree with Brownie. If you don't need family and dear friends nearby, if you are content with yourself, if you don't mind doing things by yourself, if you make friends easily, if you are personable, flexible, outgoing.........Well, the list goes on. Traveling for me is a great lifestyle. I LOVE IT!!! Will NEVER do anything else. BUT, I do like sleeping in my own bed, every once and a while. (I keep a home in SD). But the things I have seen (polar bears so close you can hear them breathe!), the GREAT people I have meet and kept in contact with........I am THE PERPETUAL TOURIST!

    The company you go with is the key, I think. Even more, the recruiter you choose. Some travelers stay with one company (I do) and some go from company to company depending on what each company has available.

    Good Luck on deciding! Traveling is not for everyone! But, many of us LOVE IT!!!