Do you pay for own physical?

  1. For the annual physical and PPD that is required in order to work, does your agency pay for it or are you required to pay for it yourself?
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  3. by   TMPaul
    Employee Health Services does it at my institution. In fact, I'm the Nurse Practitioner in the department and we do annual, post-exposure, and follow-up PPD's (that's a CDC, AHA, and OSHA requirement). We also provide pre-employment physicals but do not require annual ones.
  4. by   Donnamaejane
    Our agency provides the ppd's.Staff are responsible for their own physical;pre-employment.No annual physical is required.
  5. by   Audreyfay
    The only time I've ever heard of the prospective employee paying for their own physical is if they are working for a temp agency. Otherwise, it behooves the employer to have someone in their own company check out the employee to see if they are a decent risk to hire.
  6. by   rnmaven
    If you are working agency you probably have to pay for your own physicals. My agency requires can usually stretch it out until they are under the gun from JCAHO or state audits.

    For the most part the insurance will pay for an annual physical however they may not pay the entire cost of a PPD and they haven't paid for my Hepatitis B vaccine series.

    These aspects of the job are why we are paid more per hour.
  7. by   Dixiedi
    Since this is the Agency nurses forum I guess it's an appropriate question.
    Yep, have at every agency I've worked for.
    Always try to have it done before my previous employers health insurance runs out. Not going to work this time though, it's more expensive than I can afford! Should have checked on that before I hired on!