Correctional traveling?

  1. I have been working at a state prison for 15 years through an agency and recently the medical dept. was privatized. Work has been slim. I would like to take a correctional travel assignment but have been unable to find ANY agencies that do travel assignments for corrections. Does any one out there work for or know of a traveling agency that would be interested in a top notch correctional nurse? It's far too late in the game for me to be switching specialities, and besides I LOVE correctional nursing. Please email me if you have any leads.[/email]
    I'm getting pretty desperate. BTW, the private company dosn't pay very well so I do better financially to take the few shifts through the agency than to sign on with the private company. I'm fixin to starve either way!!
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    Broward County is always advertising for Nurses for Corrections. You didn't say what area you lived in. You might look toward the International Association of Forensic Nurses for ideas, I am a member.
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    Sahsi I sent you an email. renerian/susan