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    Foreign nurse here, about to sign a contract with an agency.... i have read the employment agreement but..... it says that i should be responsible for alll of my immigration expenses... is this true??? i mean i have heard about other companies that dont ask for money... but in this case, this company (which as far as i know is "trustworthy company") is asking me to pay for everything, and there are also like statements on the contract that says that probably i will have to pay for any other extra expenses like attorney fees and so on... im actually scared to sign up... so before making a huge mistake....... can anyone actually help me?????? has anyone signed up with an agency before???.... the recruiter i spoke up with is like changing his words everytime i ask him questions......???? please help me thank you

    by immigration expenses i mean: i-140 petition, visa expenses, etc
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  3. by   salmagundistik
    anyone please??
  4. by   KKEGS
    I am new to agency nursing and have not signed a contract yet BUT when I was getting set up with agency and had to do a background check, drug test, etc. I didn't pay for anything! I would definitely ask for clarification from the agency before you sign anything.
  5. by   CKPM2RN
    I think that a quick consultation with an immigration attorney would be well worth the money.