agency left with little work.

  1. know how you feel agency with little work! i'm an agency nurse but i work with an in house agency and outside agency. the hospital i work for also let alot of outside agency nurses without work at our hospital luckly i was also in house agency or i would have been totally out of work in three of the five hospitals i work's hard to juggle the scheduling never the less i'm now doing double the work and the full time nurses are complaining of too much overtime and too much work and want the agency nurses back,but they are telling us its due to a new wing being built and need to cut back on workers to save money,it goes with the old saying over worked and under pad
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  3. by   renerian
    Sorry rose your going through that. Seems to be a trend which is very sad.

  4. by   mattsmom81
    Facilites trend with this practice..don't worry ...your work will pick up always does.
  5. by   eddy
    Agreed Mattsmom. They'll do it as long as they can, but when staffing becomes so critical that a state audit could put a damper on their record, they'll go back to normal. For some places this almost a seasonal thing.

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