10 Bucks An Hour For Agency Orientation

  1. my agency wants me to "shadow" a nurse in unit for 4 hours at pscyh facility for 10 bucks an hour this sunday ? have u heard of such low/ starvation wage? the owners background is insurance and not nursing...i signed up for other nursing agency bec this sounds fishy to me...any advice greatly appreciated...also its 10 bucks an hour for 8 hour computer class to get in system in acute hospital.... i am new to agency...had not done this work in 7 plus years....her rate is 40/hr no benefits.for per diem....
    13 years ago in one agency.i was at 45/hr...any thoughts please help...
    1. do u get paid full pay for 4 hour orientation at facility? who wants to be paid for 10 bucks an hour to shadow a nurse in facility...them getting 41/hr and me getting only 10 bucks/hr with 20 plus experience...is this another version of saying...sign up here for agency and work for free..????i know i cant live in air....:imbar:imbar:imbar
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  3. by   RN1989
    This is not unusual. The hospitals often refuse to pay for orienting the nurse. This leaves it up to the individual agency to pay or not pay for orientation.

    I have been paid less than $10/hr to orient to a facility. I have also oriented WITHOUT pay to a facility.

    It all depends on how badly a person needs to work. If orienting without pay gets you a job down the road, it is better than not orienting and not being able to work anywhere.
  4. by   loricatus
    This is not unheard of; but, be sure to tell your agency that the moment you are asked to do anything other than watch, you want full pay. I learned the hard way that you could be asked to give a med or something else, then be asked to do full patient care if you do not complain-all at the reduced rate of pay.