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I've been trying to figure out how I can be an RN and still do roughly "normal" weekday hours.

I've heard several of you talking about an "agency nurse"

and I just wondered what that was, exactly,

Thanks much! :)


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An agency nurse is a nurse that works in different hospitals as dispatched by the agency she works for. The agency is a business who'se goal is to staff understaffed hospitals.

The schedules worked are the same, that is 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 12 hours, shifts etc. but you have the flexibility to decide which days/hours you want to work and where you want to work them in. Generally working through an agency will not provide you w/bennies, but there are a few that do offer them. Generally the pay per hour is substantially higher than working as a staff RN.


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Also, as an agency nurse, some staff private duty/home care nurses too. Sometimes the family needs to work during the day and you can have that option. There are so many choices too. You can staff as a office nurse for doctors or school nurse is also during the day. :) :) Those are all daytime positions!:cool:

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I did this for 6 years and lived qiuite nicely in southern California. Did not pay rent and frankly lived on the beaches up and down the coast of Cal . saved alot of money and had a blast working when and where I wanted to..

Ah my youth.



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wow! sounds like a blast!

J. B.

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I had my own Camper with all the facilities and purchased a year round parking permit for the beaches so from 6am to 12 midmight I have any beach I wished to set at and of course the ocean view. I carred a beeper at the time and plenty of dimes for the pay phone when an agency called to see if I wanted to work and sometimes I stayed overnight in the Hospital parking lot knowing I was working the next day. Most Doc Lounges have showers for after work and hitting the health spa each day for a work out or just a shower was my showering facility. When I had no particular place to go at night I just found a secluded spot on a residential street and slipped into the back of the camper awaking the next morning to see the day on the beach .. Oh Happy Hours wes a regular for me not so much to drink but the food was free.Cheche's I think was the place with the best baffy.

I had a typewriter and even attended Orange County Communtiy College for a while picking up some Business courses and into to computers.

You know now that I think about it the only regret I have about that time in my life was something that I wish I had looked into more before I made a decision not to partisipate in it.

I was asked in the early 1980's (81-82) believe if I wanted to invest 1000.00 in to something called software. I had a computer located at a friends house for College and it was an XT with one of the earliest Dos versions. other friends had these things called Apple comuters and to tell you the truth I figured I would only need it for word processing. You see I wasnt interested in games (ping pong was it) then. I thought to myself I will never need software so whats the big deal. I had the money It would not even had been missed if I lost it ..But you know hwere softwre as gone and it was microsoft....

I will never let that happen to me again. Now I am into E-Commerce and some people tell me they dont like shopping online...I laugh now and ask them...does a dentist have to have all his teeth to be a dentist...Can a vegitarian own a McDonalds...or can a man own a womens clothing Store?

Take care buddy and follow your dreams


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I work agency and love it. You schedule when and where you want. Call your local agencies, see where they staff and ask what the needs of those hospitals are. You can get cancelled and the more flexible you are the less you get cancelled. You could work as much or as little as you wish. Good luck to you.

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