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could someone give me insight on a better than average agency that wants to go to work for me......


The best thing that I can advise is doing a search on the Nursing agencys. Each will have a listing of what they offer and how they will work for you. You can decide yourself whom will work the best for you needs.



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What is the most important thing you look for in a travel agency? My company places nurses locally (Michigan) and I have been goven the job of putting together a plan to place nurses nationally. If I'm going to put my name on this I wnat it to be the best I can make it. Any suggestions???????


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I've been working agencies for years, and found that going with the ones that have been around for a few years and are national, are the best. Check out the benes too. If you're planning on going into agency work, I would suggest 2 agencies to start with, so one can cover the other, if business slows and until you get a reputation built up, as someone reliable. Sometimes, it may require registering with 3 of them, in the beginning. I did. Good luck at any rate.

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I have been with agency for a year and I work with 2 different agencies at the same hospital. I just have to be careful that I don't sign in on the wrong agency. I go to other hospitals also so I have to keep up with who, where, and when....I am now looking at traveling across the country and find it very exciting...


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Agencies are only as good as their staffers/recruiters. Don't put much stock in an agency name. It all comes down to the office crew. An agency may stink in one city and be awesome in another. Just talk to a bunch and THEN sign up with the one or ones you like and get a good feeling about. And if they don't have time just to talk about details, then they aren't the kinda agency you want IMO.

Best of luck!


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I have seen agencies in my area go through some real changes over the years. My favorite agency of all time was a little 'home grown' agency owned by two nurses...they were great and staffed all critical care...and if we had a sick baby, one of the owners would cover for us! Unfortunately they decided to get out of facility staffing and now only do home care, which I don't do.

Suggest you ask a few agency nurses in your area who to go with as they will give you the poop on all of 'em. :)


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There is a website that ranks travel agencies. You might check that

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