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Ok, I got an interview for the area im currently completing my practicum on. After interview. I thought it went ok. I had no call. So after about a week and 4 days I gave HR a call. They told me it seems like the position has been offered to someone else. But scheduled me for psych interview. I don't know if she wasn't quite sure yet. However, I still decided to call the interviewer herself just to find out what's going on. Left a message for her as she was off for two days. I really wanted to get this job as I did my practicum in this area. I am pretty much used to everything and the routine. I am going to be giving her a call on the day she will be at office. Anybody has any idea of what to say? What if she say the postiion has reaaly be offered to someone else. It is ok to apply for another position in that same department? Help here, thanks.

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