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Any information/feedback here will be very appreciated.

I want to apply to CRNA school in the next year or two. I would like to get into a California school, but I'm also willing to apply to some out of state schools. There aren't that many programs on the west coast compared to the number of programs east of the Mississippi.

After graduation, do most CRNA graduates easily find positions? How easy would it be for me to find a job in California if I decided to go to VCU, for example???

Any suggestions?


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At least for the next few years, CRNAs are in high demand and can go just about anywhere they want to go after graduation. If you want an idea of the current job market go to

This is only a small number of actual jobs available since many hosptials/groups recruit directly from CRNA schools. Most SRNAs I know in their senior year have already secured positions for when they graduate.


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To work :chuckle


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You should have no problems finding a position that suits your needs. There's a wide array of jobs with varying hours, salaries, benefits, etc. that are avaliable to CRNAs to pick and choose from.



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Without a doubt, there are lots of job opportunities right now. Graduates should be able to write their own ticket, at least for the immediately forseeable future.

BUT, there is one pesky little detail. You might want to be sure the area you are interested in does indeed utilize the services of CRNAs. There are some market areas that have evolved into "MDA-only" lands, for whatever reasons.

So if you have your heart set on Metroville, right in the middle of MDA-only land, you are out of luck. You will find a job elsewhere, but not in the place you have your heart set on.

Unless, of course, you want to be an activist, and use your great negotiating skills to convince the administration powers-that-be to give CRNA anesthesia a chance. There are many great CRNAs out there doing just that, but you need some experience under the belt before tackling such a project.

I don't specifically know about California. Do we have some west coast members who can tell us what the market is like there?

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So what are the "dead areas" for CRNA's and perhaps more importantly HOW did they evolve (or perhaps they were always that way in the first place)? Are MDA's implementing some largely silent, surrepticious plan to "disenfranchise" CRNA's in one market after the next or is it a matter of long standing practice? Also, you would think that CRNA's would still be utilized in some capacity at least under the supervision of MDA's even in "those" areas. Also, please tell me that these areas don't include Oahu! I also remember from when I was stationed there in the Navy that CRNA's "seemed" to be commonplace (but they could have all been military, I can't remember for sure). I know also that Kaiser in Oahu uses SOME CRNA's, but I don't know anything about the rest of the job market. What's the point in making a good living and doing something you like if you can't live in paradise? How about Nevada, Florida, and Texas?

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