Aetna or BCBS

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I am a RN, BSN with 3 yrs of nursing experience. I worked in the hospital for 2.5 yrs and decided that I was missing out on seeing my daughter grow up with having little control over my schedule. I have been doing care management for Medicaid pt's for almost a year and decided that I wanted to branch out to the private sector. I have been offered a disease management health coach jobs at Aetna and a case management job at Blue cross blue shield NC (BCBSNC) but I'm torn between which offer to go with. Any help of advice out there?

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My understanding is Aetna has JUST drastically changed case management job description.

Check that out.

BCBS.. I quit after 6 months.. they are not ethical.

Good luck, keep us posted.


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I hated the time I spent at BCBS. Terrible place.


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How was your time as a Health Coach with Aetna? Considering them as well