Nursing as a career choice/aesthetics Opinions please!

  1. Hi, I'm thinking about nursing as a new career and would like some nurse opinions. I've had my own marketing business but for a number of reasons would like to get into something new. I became interested in the idea of openning some kind of non surgical cosmetic procedures business- like laser hair removal/skin treatments, perhaps botox and fillers, microdermabrasion. I live in Florida though and it seems like you might need to be a nurse to administer these types of procedures. Although I'm not sure about other states. I've been told you can do laser treatments in most states without being a nurse. My mom and Dad say just go back to medical school and become a dermatologist. That would be the best route. Well, I'm 40 now and I'm not sure if I want to make that kind of time commitment or who knows how hard it would be to get in after so many years out of school. I'm thinking I can do everything I want in aethetics with a nursing degree, I need some feedback. I like the idea where I can work 3 days a week at the hospitals and use my free time to pursue business interests including getting prepared for a skin aesthetics/laser procedures business. I think I'd like to hear straight from the nurses mouths how they feel about nursing as a career and if anyone has branched into aesthetics or started their own business in this area. I'd like to hear opinions if nursing is the right route or if anyone thinks medical school at this late stage is still the better route. Thamks for any feedback. Farah:wink2:
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  3. by   Equinox_93
    ... In this economy, I'd think long and hard before getting into anything elective.... Especially aesthetics/cosmetic procedures..... MHO.
  4. by   angel337
    are you already accepted into a nursing program?? if not, you need to really take it one step at a time. sometimes the prereqs for nursing school can take 2 years, not counting the nursing program itself. if you have been out of school a long time you will have to retake a lot of classes and then you have to get accepted into a nursing program. after all the prereqs are done then you will spend 2 years fulltime in an ADN program or at least 3-31/2 years in a traditional BSN program. nursing school is very time consuming. I do know nurses that have worked part time in aesthetics and they say the work itself is very easy, but doesn't pay well. I can imagine having your own practice is very different. I also think it would be in your best interest to research the career of nursing,especially bedside because that is the biggest challenge for a lot of people going into nursing not knowing all that it entails. good luck with your ventures.
  5. by   faraday68
    Thanks for your feedback Angel. I'm trying to do my research for nursing on this site. I contacted Concorde college here in Jacksonville, fl. It seems they have a rn 18month nursing program. And they said since I already had a bs (in communications) I might not have to take some of the prerequisites so I could conceivably become an rn in a year. I don't know if this is an expedited school, but I got the imperssion from the college that I could be an rn in 18 months or less and it wasn't a big deal in regard to the application process. Maybe i misinterpreted something. This sounds dramatically different time-wise from what you describe- so maybe i need to talk to them again. Thaks for your feedback.