New RN with 10 years of experience as esthetician

  1. Hi there. I am a brand new grad who has just passed the NCLEX and I'd love to get into aesthetic nursing. I've been a licensed esthetician for 10 years and have owned my own studio for 8 of those years. Any advice for those of you working in aesthetic nursing on how to market myself to a plastics or cosmetic dermatologist? What are they looking for in a nurse as far as skills are concerned? Is there any further education I can attend that would increase my marketability in the field?

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  3. by   Luvbuble
    I think you are already way ahead of "us" who have tons of experience as med/surg or general nurses but zero experience to do any botox injection. Anyhow, I don't know much about this field but I do know that most spas love nurses who can do botox as well as laser. Do you have experience in that either one of them?
  4. by   brazik
    We are on the same path. I have been an esthetician for 12 years and got my RN almost 2 years ago. I can help. I have been working as an aesthetic nurse for 18 months now and have had an experience in the interview process!
  5. by   jilligirl
    I am a BSN with 6 months med surge experience, considering aesthetician school and/or laser training. Can anyone give some advice as to whether aesthetician school is necessary/beneficial to break into this field? Or should I just try and find an RN job with a derm/plastic surgeon? If further school is recommended, is aesthetician school training preferred over laser training? Both are expensive but there is much less training time required for lasers… thank you!!
  6. by   skincaregal
    Do you recommend spending money on courses for laser and injectables? I'm also a long time esthetician and a mother baby nurse for two years. Thanks for any info!
  7. by   jmh219
    Any advice for a new RN with 6 months med/surg experience with 3 years as a licensed aesthetician?