Low pay for new grad?

  1. I'm a new grad. I was wondering if $25 is low for a plastic surgeon's clinic? I hear they get paid $45-$50/hour.
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  3. by   Mr.FutureDNP23
    Um... 25hr. isn't too bad for working in a plastic surgeon's clinic. Where did you hear they make 45-50 hr?
  4. by   Esme12
    Being a nurse in an aesthetics office where they administer botox and Juvederm.....$25.00 and hour for a new grad is good money. While in California a post graduate (MSN/APRN or higher)nurse can take a Certificate course that allows that nurse to perform simple procedures.

    College of Aesthetic and Dermatology postgraduate nursing program will constitute the first truly comprehensive program in the USA for registered nurses, who want to collaborate with physicians to perform procedures and treatments on patients who seek elective improvement in skin conditions, or the appearance of the face and body and address common skin disorders.

    The Aesthetic Dermatology Nursing Certificate Program is intended for postgraduate registered nurses, who hold an active license. The student possess a desire to work with patients to preserve, enhance or correct common skin conditions and signs of aging. Students must have excellent communication skills, physical assessment skills, ability to work with equipment, chemicals, light based phototherapy, and have and artistic ability to work with the contours of the face and body.
    Medical Aesthetic Training of California Aesthetic Nursing Program

    I would believe this position would pay more in the $40-50.00 range