First job in aesthetics?

  1. I have an interview coming up with a nationwide laser hair removal company. I applied because I have worked in this industry before (not with the lasers), so I have an idea of what to expect. I'm also a new grad and have been rejected from my "dream job" twice now. I graduated in December, so I'm becoming increasingly desperate for a job. The location for this job is perfect, right where I want to be (I have to move), with 3 hospitals nearby that I've been trying to work at, but we all know how the job market is right now. I've been in touch with the nurse manager of my top hospital since I graduated, but I can't wait around forever. I have to start somewhere. One of my mentors told me a few weeks ago to "take any job you can, any RN experience is better than none at all." I've been thinking if I get the job, I will volunteer at the hospital(s), and when a position opens up, I'll be there already. I really want some meaning in my work! I'm just afraid that if I take this as my first job, I will be stuck in aesthetics forever.

    What should I do? I don't have any other interviews lined up right now.
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  3. by   digoe74
    Esthetics as an RN is quite lucrative. The LHR clinic that I managed paid our RN somewhere around $150 per hour to do injectables (botox, juvederm, etc.). She was not required to do LHR, SR, etc. -- the techs did that. I have no idea whether this will impede your career path in the future but I'm sure some of the current nurses could answer that for you. One final thing -- the LHR company I worked for was also a "nationwide laser hair removal company." It may not be the same company but, if by chance it is -- I strongly suggest you do thorough research before accepting a position with them.

    I wish you much luck!

  4. by   Telelizard
    I think if they're willing to hire you with no previous RN experience, you should take it! Make that money, but keep looking for your ideal RN dream job. I have extensive aesthetics experience (esthetician) and just graduated from nursing school. I'm going to definitely take advantage and try to get an aesthetic RN job while I continue to search for my ideal job. I also managed a medical spa in San Diego and we paid our nurses $35/hr + commission, not a bad gig!
  5. by   jahra
    Good luck! Take the job if offered. You can expand your experience
    in RN Aesthetics. If you are lucky to be in an area where it is in
    demand, consider the advice above for AN members.

    In our area, aesthetics medical and spa are not doing well due to
    the economy. Jobs in every field keep disappearing here...
  6. by   studystudy
    Thank you for the replies and input. I just wish I had something else going on right now, another interview lined up somewhere or something. I was stressing about this all night. I had thought of doing aesthetics or injectables before, but not as my very first job. Don't want to limit myself, especially as a brand new nurse when I have that "passion" for saving everybody's lives right now!
  7. by   Ashley2011
    Dear Telelizard, do you still manage the medspa in San Diego? I'm thinking of re-locating to there from Houston... Currently, I'm an ICU nurse, however I'm extremely interested in aesthetics and would love to get my foot in the door even if it's just PRN. Any references or feedback would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you,
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  9. by   hopingandwishing
    studystudy - I have an interview with a laser hair company as well and I was wondering how the interview process went for you? I have no idea how to prepare for this interview or what kind of questions to anticipate. Any help would be appreciated!
  10. by   TurtleLittle
    Dear the original post, I was just wondering how it went since it was almost 2 years already. The reason I am asking because recently I got interviewed for a similar position in a Derm clinic too. I am also having the exact same feelings as I am not sure the job is "nursing" enough for me. I kinda like the job's perspectives but I always thought I was supposed to "save ppl's live" right now instead of "polishing" them. But then again my ideality and mentality of a new grad might be delusional or unrealistic as well since a lot of burnt out nurses would want to switch to anesthetic. Am I having a great opportunity at hand and being stupid for not trying hard to grasp it? Any feedbacks would be appreciated. Thank you very much!
  11. by   StringOR
    Did you ever get any messages in response to this post? I am having the same feelings right now... Should I go work for a high paying company doing LHR/botox or should I go work in the Operating Room and use more of the skills I learned in school? It seems like the LHR gig is too good to be true (low stress, high pay, no holidays, etc) Am I being too skeptical?
  12. by   Minnesotasurfgirl
    My experience in the aesthetic field has been interesting. I went into that field because I wanted to help make people feel more beautiful and to help them face this harsh world with a renewed confidence. It was very rewarding for a long time, however, I suppose like any industry you eventually get burnt out and need a change. I felt like the industry (at least the clinic I worked out) became a place where patients were rude to our staff and demanding pricing on their terms since there are so many groupons/deals out there now. They would always threaten to take their business elsewhere or write a bad review if we didn't price match. It was becoming a situation where I wondered why people cared so much about their physical appearance if they were going to have such an ugly personality. I advise any new nursing graduate to reconsider going into this specialty as their first position. Most of us have nurturing souls and we want to be able to give a helping hand to someone who is in need. We feel called to go where we are most needed.