Can I purchase Botox for personal use?

  1. I suffer from TMJ issues leading the jaw tension, pain, masseter hyper trophy. Rather than spending time thousands each year at the doctors office/medical spa, is it possible to buy Botox legally for personal use? I know the regulations vary from state to state (I live in Florida and California). Is it possible with Botox certification?
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  3. by   sirI
    Bottom line: You will use the drug for yourself? In other words, you will be practicing medicine without a license?
  4. by   Kansasmomandnurse
    So I'm interested in this question as well:

    So an RN can inject everyone else, but for personal use (cosmetic use) if he or she is officially certified, that nurse still cannot legally do her own personal injections?

    Let me put another situation out there: I'm an RN, am thinking of pursuing Botox training solely to give injections to myself. I'm 55yrs old and tired of paying incredible amounts to a nurse injector.

    Please no judgment. Legal or illegal? Seems to me it's my own face....
  5. by   guest*8/28/17
    HI all,
    As the former BOTOX Cosmetic product manager at Allergan, I can confirm that Allergan is the sole legal distributor of BOTOX and BOTOX Cosmetic in the United States as as per FDA law, the product must be sold to an MD in most states. Some states, like Oregon and Nebraska, have laws that allow NPs to have their own clinics and to purchase product on their own without a medical director. Please consult your state nursing board for more information. Hope that helps.

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