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Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center


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Hey everyone,

I am a soon-to-be grad from University of Michigan and will be moving to Chicago with my partner in June. I am looking around at different places and am wondering about Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center. It is closer by far to where my partner and I are looking to live since she will be working in Des Plaines.

Does anybody here work at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center? Has anybody gone through their RN Residency Program for new grads? Any cons to this hospital?

I am also wondering about their pay rate. Any ideas?

Ah! So many questions! Thanks so much to anybody that can help me!

I don't know much about Illinois Masonic. Actually Advocate Luthern General is right on the Des Plaines border which is a lot closer to where you're going to live. However, I heard they having a hiring freeze. Illinois Masonic is having an open house for new grads on March 9. I believe their next new grad orientation program, which is 18 weeks, starts in July. They to attend since so many hospitals out here now have hiring freezes. I work for NorthShore which comprimises Evanston, Highland Park, Glenbrook and now Skokie Hospital. We are not really hiring at this time either.

Good luck!


Specializes in MICU/CCU.

Thanks for the info! Actually, we will try to live closer to where I will be working since my partner will only be in Chicago for a year and then traveling the world for three years. No use in trying to be closer to her job if she won't be there ;-)

I'm going to go to that open house even though its a 5-6 hour drive for me. Now that I type that, it doesn't really seem like that far away. I am hoping that it would at least show that I am really serious about working there since I made a 5-6 hour drive for a 2 hour open house.

I really hope I am able to find a job. I never thought going into nursing I'd have to worry this much about it.

I don't know too much, but they supposedly have a wonderful new grad residency program and starting pay is $50k/year for new grads (ADN or BSN)

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