Advice on whether or not to join an lvn program:( please help!?!


Hi, I am 20 years old and I currently work as a CNA full time on the morning shift and get paid 11.50...right now morning shifts are very hard to find...I got really lucky...and I've been getting plenty hours! I'm always asked to stay 4-8 hours overtime so I'm usually working 12-16 hour shifts because PM shift calls out... Ofcourse I do not want to stay a CNA my whole life and I'd like to be an question to you is, should I go part time CNA and join a full time LVN program in my city? The cost is around 25,000 and I'd have to take out a loan. I live by myself and would have to atleast work 3 days a week .. My boss said she would have to switch me to the 2-11 shift, which isn't a good shift=/ haha. IDK... So my two options are, join the LVN program and take out a loan and go through the program as a part time worker, or I can take advantage of all these hours my boss is giving me, save for about a year and then join the LVN program... I dont wan't to waste time:(


sorry for the long explanation..


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You should apply of FAFSA, which is financial aide. I would personally go to work parttime and go to LVN school. I wouldn't want to take out that amount of money for a loan so I would really start applying for any and every scholarship.