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Advice wanted..

Hi everyone, 

I am requesting advice from you on how to handle my situation at my new job. I recently changed careers into a new hospital specialty after several years experience in a home specialty. I did well in my last career. I developed some great friends and relationships, some of which I still enjoy. Long story short, we moved to a new area and I was looking for a new career to boost my experience and learn new valuable skills. I applied to a job which I thought would fit me well, and in a lot of ways it does and I do also... however, I sense (and overtly noted by my coworkers) don't receive a lot of trust and support at times from my colleagues. Some understandable that I didn't come in with a lot of translatable skills. I am happy and work hard and have made some great relationships. Overall, I tend to get side glances, sneering comments, and overall resistance to mesh in. I don't want to quit (not an option) and I'm honestly too stubborn and tough to give up so easily anyway. Please give me some guidance on how you (or have seen others you didn't like) won your team over?

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We need to accept that some have low self esteem and heighten their feelings toward themselves by making those they view as being less, as in less seniority, their scapegoats.

Every story has a protagonist and antagonist, and in seeing themselves as the protagonist, they are good and others are bad; they are right and others are wrong.

Having been in a similar situation about 30 years ago, iheartcells, going to another hospital and being made a scapegoat, I did not handle it well and ended up quitting. Supervisors and staff didn't like me and I didn't like them.

Give it time and experience, or age that comes with wisdom, I had the revelation that some people aren't going to be pleased with me no matter what I did. Generally, I was okay with who I was, and I stopped making other's opinion of me important.

"My happiness does not depend on what others do or say or what goes on around me. My happiness is a result of being at piece with myself."

I learned that being a person of integrity- doing a good job and treating others in a manner that I would like to be treated- was my pathway to happiness.

I sense you are a person of integrity, iheartcells, in that you do a good job and endeavor for harmonious working relationships. The old saying, "We can please some of the people some of the time..." is a truism, and we do not have to "...please all of the people all of the time".

If we respect ourselves, respect others, demand that we be respectfully treated through what we say and/or do, that is the whole ball of wax.

The best to you.

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