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Advice for Traveling

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Hey everyone!

I am ready to start travel nursing (along with a so many others). I have several questions for those who are already traveling. Which agencies do you all recommend for first time travelers? And most important how do you know if the agency is offering a competative rate? What is the average pay for first time travelers? My experience includes tele/stroke (2yrs), I work as relieve charge as well and I was an LPN in rehab for 2 years. Which is better to choose: a stipend pay or a hourly rate?? Do agencies pay more for being bilingual? Thanks for the input! :cheeky:

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I've been working with AyaHealthcare for two years; so far they have been decent. I've had past experience with OnWard (wouln't go back) and AMN (better than OnWard, but left on a sour note) Ultimately is about getting a good recruiter.

I would agree, getting a solid recuriter is a big part of picking an agency. I went through several company websites to narrow it down to ones that offered the benefits I was looking for. Then I spoke with the recruiters. If a recruiter didn't call me back or was pushy and rude, I didn't deal with the company anymore. In terms of competitive rates, if I had several recruiting companies pitch me the same position, which in my specialty invariably happens, I would ask them all to give me a ballpark of pay. Then, based on that and the benefit package, I would choose a company. Each specialty gets paid a little different and it depends on which states. Some states have horrible bill rates and others are better. Also I have found depends on how desperate the hospital is to fill the position, use that as leverage. EVERYTHING is negotiable, I've found that out. I'm not sure about the bi-lingual part, all you can do is ask.


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Thank you all for your advice. I actually found this great website which contains very useful information on travel nursing. It includes evaluations of different hospitals that uses travel nurses, includes companies that have good and bad reputations and most important it has guides you how to make your contract.

Highway Hypodermics: Travel Nurses Make A Difference, One Hopsital At A Time

Thanks again