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Advice me!!

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I'm a pre-Nurse student, and this is my first semester. I chose 3 classes; Eng 101, Math 104 and Che 121. Someone told me that taking Che and math at the same time could be a big mistake. I think I could do it but I dont know how hard the classes are. Can somebody please advice me?

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Good day, Chanell:

Both tend to be homework heavy, and chemistry requires a good working knowledge of math. If you are good at math, and especially dimensional analysis, then you should be ok.

Thank you.

If you don't mind, what are those classes? Not every school numbers their courses the same. I wouldn't do two at a time, but I also know I am not good at juggled math and Sciences. If you feel that's a strength of yours, I would consider it.

Sure! It is Fundamental of General, Organic and biological Chemistry and Math for Health Sciences.

So I am going to venture and guess that those are College Alegbra & Chemistry (into) not Organic Chem?

I took both at the same time and I am ABSOLUTELY dreadful at math (In fact - I am taking a break from by dosage calculation HW as we speak)

Anyways, It can be done. Do not concern yourself with what naysayers spew. The Algebra will probably be harder then them Chemistry. I got through Chem by watching Youtube video's. For the math portion just know your conversions. Now that I look back - there wasn't ALOT of math in Chem, I was just overwhelmed by the math coming at me from both directions. Relax, the first couple chapters aren't math heavy anyways.

Well, the math is for health science and the CHE is fundamental of general, organic and biological chemistry.