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hello! i am brand new here!! i am only 14 but i know that i want sooo much to work in l&d, it is my dream job!!!! a few monthes ago i went to work with one of my cousins, who works in l&d. i thought that it was the neatest things that i have ever done! i saw 2 deliverys one c-section and one normal. i now know that i want to do this for sure... but anayway i was just wondering if you guys had any advice for me on like what classes to take on high school or if there is anything that i should do to get ready for what i want to do in my future, or if there is anything that you just think that i should know! i have read some of what you guys have said and it is graet you guys are sooo much help! if u guys could give me some advice that would be great! thank you so much!!:)

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Study your sciences and college science courses will be easier for you. Most importantly learn good study habits now, it will help in nursing school when you have learn a large amount of material very quickly. Good luck to you.


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Have a school counselor? If so use this person to help you plan your program of study in high school and beyond. Ask him/her what universities and colleges offer nursing training and do what you can to meet with them and find out what it takes to be accepted. I recommend you go directly for your RN; LPNs as a rule do NOT get hired in L and D anymore.

Best wishes. Use that counselor! That is what they are paid for!


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Take anatomy if your high school offers it. It will give you a jump on college anatomy. Some high schools also offer a health professions class, something to think about. If you plan on going to IU (I think you should, but I am biased :chuckle ), the nursing programs at both Bloomington and Indianapolis are very competitive and acceptance is based almost solely on your GPA. (College prereq GPA, not HS GPA)

By the way, is Decatur one of the many flooded areas in our wonderful state?

Hope you're staying dry,


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Yes it is flooded here! Thanks So Much for the advice!!!

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