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Hi everyone!

I live in the US & my RN sister lives in the Philippines, like many RN in the Philippines she is underpaid. My sister is currently working in ER in a hospital. My 1st question is where my sister can take the NCLEX exam in the Philippines? My 2nd question is how can she find an employer here in America to sponsor and work here in America? Like many others the goal is to have my sister to find the answer to come & live in America as an RN.

Any advice?

Thank you for your time.

Ginger's Mom, MSN, RN

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Before she can sit for the NCLEX, she has to pick a state to apply for licensure. I would assume it would be where you live. The information for foreign nurses will be listed on the web site. Each state is a bit different, but usually the board has a process to review the nursing program and verify the education. This site has lots of information for each states , so you can read it. Once the board approves her application she will get approval to sit for the exam in the Philippines.

Getting a job is the USA is a challenge due to the economy. Being an ER Nurse is great specialization, I would suggest she get as much paid experience she can ( over 2 years or more) and take a exam Certified Emergency Room Nurse. It use to be hospitals would sponsor nurses, paying there moving costs and provide housing. This was done in the day nurses were getting signing bonuses. Now it s difficult to find a hospital to sponsor a foreign nurse, this is because they are still waiting for nurses they signed contracts in 2005. To sponsor a nurse, the hospital has to show that there are no Nurses who have legal status available to work these positions. Considering how health care is changing, many hospitals closing, merging, and changing management it is hard to find a hospital that hasn't had any of the above changes. What I am referring to here is Green Card and permanent residency.

Experienced nurses who can find positons that require a BSN and special nursing skills can file for H1B position. These positions are also hard to find due to the economy. If your sister is an expert ER nurse with national certifications and can find a place that needs a BSN only position with no legal nurses who qualify she may get this visa, which is not a permanent visa but a working visa.

You could also petition your sister for a F4 Visa if you are a citiizen

http://travel.state.gov/visa/immigrants/types/types_1306.html. It may be a long wait but a good back up plan for the employment route.

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If you are a USC then you could petition her for a immigrant visa however that will take several years. As mentioned she will need to meet state requirements before she can sit NCLEX and then try to find a employer willing to go the immigrant or work visa route however with the current US job issues with many US nurses struggling to find work she may find it hard

There are many pearsonvue testing centers and there are some in the Philippines. I would assume it would be in Manila since that's a metropolitan. Visit the pearsonvue website and see what information you can get regarding testing centers. Good Luck

Test site is at

Pearson Professional Centers

27th Floor, Trident Tower,

312 Senator Gil J. Puyat Avenue (a.k.a. Buen dia),

Makati City, Philippines.

As mentioned, finding an employer for your sister in today's job market is difficult, and you might be aware by now that the Employment based visa for Nurses is retrogressed, that means years of wait for those who are already in line. Chances of getting an H1B approved is also slim, since it is a specialized visa and general nursing positions do not normally qualify for it. You can take the F4 path, but in the Philippines this visa takes roughly 20 years to obtain (based on your priority date). Unfortunately, there aren't any shortcuts available for nurses right now.