Advice for soon-to-be nursing student?



I am starting an ABSN program starting in the summer in Florida and reading the threads so far have terrified me! I was wondering if you can give any advice to those while in the nursing program about ways to gain an upper edge in this competitive job atmosphere. I am 23 years old and have no job experience. While in the nursing program I want to make sure I can do as much as possible to ensure a job afterwards.


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you are welcome, im now in final year of bscn ,let me tell u something about my experience... it was not easy in begining, soo much stress from teachers and from nursing staff as well since some people dont understand individual difference everyone will expect you to be smart..but dont be scared just keep going things will become better and better, it may be looking disgusting working with patients who look unpleasant but after sometime you will realise its the best thing whe you get to know that you are saving someones life. I started enjoying nursing when I was in 3rd year by that time I used to know what to do to a patient and I do it without anyones order.. it realy feels good when you see someone

who was admitted cry starts laughing after days due to your contribution.

nursing is a great will never regret chosing nursing

I wish you a good luck.


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Be prepared to work your butt off! There are no short cuts in nursing school because they always catch up to you. Learn what you have to learn, apply it to your assignments/clinicals. If you give your all, you will definitely set yourself up in the perfect position for post-graduation.

School has A LOT of distractions but don't let it get in the way of your goal. Nursing school is tough at times but SO rewarding and a lot of fun! Make sure you don't let the stress take you over. Keep time for yourself and have fun too!

You'll get through it! :) :)