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I will be graduating from an ADN program in June and have been told to start applying to local hospitals (Orange County, CA) as early as March. I will be 35 when I graduate and have been home with my kids for the past 11 years. Not only is nursing new to me, but so is applying for jobs in the hospital setting. I know need to fill out and application with human resources and give them a copy of my resume.

There are a few specialty areas I'm interested in beyond med/surg. My question to you as managers is...should I send a resume and cover letter to the managers of the specialty departments I'm interested in to let them know of my interest and the presence of my application with their human resources department? Would this be seen as overkill or just present my very real interest in any positions in their units?

Thank you for your time!


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I'm not in management.

but If there is aposition that you really want, then after a few weeks after application is put into HR, I would call up the NM and see if she got my application. Sometimes applications don't make it up to the floors. I had to bypass HR when I went to my last job 6 yearsago.

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