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Hi everyone! I am hoping to get some input today on the job market and schools in California.

My husband has been offered a job to begin in January of 2013. I will be graduating from LPN school in December of 2012, meaning by the time of our move, I will have zero work related nursing experience. We are trying to decide if this move will be good for both of our careers and are basing a lot of our decision on whether or not employment is possible for me. I'm open to working anywhere, by anywhere I mean McDonalds if necessary, but of course I would want a nursing job being that's what I love & have worked hard to become. So if anyone would be willing to shed some light on our situation it would be greatly appreciated!

I also intend to get my BSN, preferably sooner than later, but later if necessary. Could anyone tell me how realistic this goal in in California?

Thanks :rolleyes:

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To be honest, the LVN job market in most parts of California is dismal due to the state's broke economic situation. The state has more than 200 approved LVN programs, the majority being for-profit trade schools. These schools have been graduating multiple classes of new nurses into local job markets during an economic time in the state where the demand for healthcare workers has dropped. Many new LVNs are being told that they need 1 to 2 years of experience before applying to potential workplaces.

Also, California's economic situation has affected the availability of course offerings at community colleges and state universities. In other words, due to lack of funding, course offerings have been reduced greatly, so someone wanting to complete all prerequisites to enter an RN program might take longer to do it because not all classes will be available at once.

Some of the Cal States only accept applicants that either graduated from a certain set of counties or did their pre reqs from specific community colleges so it might be tough to get into a BSN program.

Most of the community colleges here are uber competitive too. I was accepted into two out of state BSN programs and no in state ADN programs only a LVN program; I have a 4.0 and am a CNA but am not bilingual nor do I have enough volunteer experience for community college in CA. However there are a handful of community colleges that still have waitlists for their ADN programs including the LVN bridge; those might be an option for you. I'm going to be waiting for a ADN program and working as a CNA as well as volunteering.

It is very difficult to get into pre reqs at most community colleges here and most of the pre reqs have pre reqs too. There are some very rural locations in the northern part of the state that are much less competitive and impacted; but these areas are not the typical 'liberal Cali' you may think of. Where I live reminds me more of the southern states than stereotypical CA.

Where in CA are you moving to? This is a giant state and there are some places most people try to steer clear of because theres no california dreaming going on...

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