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Advice please!


I am a new grad registered nurse, not a young nurse-27 so maybe youngish? Ok not the point,

i was was just hired at a long term acute care facility, day shift, and I am really excited to start my first nursing job!

I am turning here for advice. What should I brush up on? I graduated in May, so I feel like I probably just need to go back over some things.

also, what do I expect? This is a pretty nice facility, it seems so warm and welcoming, I hope it is!

I have some some management experience, but I'm getting the feeling after reading others posts, that this is a strong part of being an RN in this setting!

any advice is welcomed.

Hi! No advice just wanted to say hi! I am starting a new position at a LTAC mid- Aug. I am currently working as a treatment nurse in a sub- acute rehab facility so it will be a big change for me! I have only been a nurse for 3 years and am looking at branching out experience wise.... I am very excited for a new challenge!

I look forward ward to talking with you more as we start!


Here.I.Stand, BSN, RN

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Expect to work hard. :yes: These are very sick people. Our ratios were 4-5 pts on the floor on day shift (up to 6 or 7 on nocs), 3 pts in the ICU.

Read up on "chronic critical illness," sepsis, delirium, and ventilators for sure. Once you get on your floor you'll get an idea what the major populations are, but my LTACH had a lot of wound care, vent weaning, brain injuries, renal failure, burn care. We were even able to take pts with LVADs.

Congrats on the job! Let us know how it goes

Congrats ;)


1. Stay Focused

2. Be Humble

3. Be friendly

4. Enjoy chatting with patients

5. More patience

6. Learn and learn more

7. Be yourself .. always !

Esme12, ASN, BSN, RN

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These are sick patients. They are multiple co-morbidities and didn't have a "usual" hospital course. You are going to learn a TON! Come back with questions!!


Hi! Ive been working at a long term care facility for about a month now and I took my nclex in May and this is my first job. I work nights. I have an average if 40 pts to care for. Its extremely hard abd frustrating at times but what works for me is to write down everything you need to do, eat a good meal before work bc you never know if you will get a break. And above all else, keep in mind what you became a nurse for. Good luck!