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Advice on how to pass NAC 1

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I am new here to the site. I will be starting NAC1 in the spring and needed some advice from Charity students who have passed NAC 1 how to pass the tests or prepare. I heard it is hard and that the final can make or break you. This is very scary. Can anyone help, especially those that excelled in how to master test taking and study preparation skills? I really want to do well so I don't stress over finals. Thanks


Just make sure to keep up with everything, do well on the first test so you have some cushion. Get yourself an NCLEX review book that has practice questions and review those as you study for the tests, this will really help you see which areas you need to concentrate on. When you are studying for the tests, don't get caught up in the A&P info. given during the lecture, this is not what they are testing. Try to think about the nurses role in each area and have a general understanding of the A&P involved.

Relax and enjoy your break and you will be fine!

First of all good luck with it- it's not an easy class but if you put your mind to it you can totally make the grade you want. The biggest thing is keeping up with all the information. There's a lot of information and if you don't keep up with it as you go, you're screwed. It's just way too much to learn right before the test. Make sure to go back and listen to the lectures on Tegrity before the tests- that really helped me a lot. Make sure you do well on your tests so that your grade on the final doesn't make or break you. If you can create a nice cushion, you have a much better chance at passing the course. Not sure if your semester will be the same or not, but during mine the night lectures were a lot of times better than the day lectures. If it's the same way with you, go to the day lectures and then also listen to the night lectures on Tegrity.

Thanks to all of you for giving some insight of what to expect. I too will be starting Nac 1 and I'm a little nervous about it. I know how demanding Basics was and I'm sure Nac 1 will be worse! I just hope I can handle all of it. I started reading the assignments and i'm on the fluids and electrolytes. I'm trying to really get a grip on it now so that I'll understand it for lecture and know how to apply it for rationales.

Congrats to those who finished their first year! I definitely plan to attend the first year pinning ceremony after this next semester because it's well deserved!

If you have any other helpful advice please continue to post. Every bit of your experience will help us who follow your footsteps. :paw::paw::paw::paw:


Good for you- The F & E lecture sucks big time so if you can get a handle on it now you'll be one step ahead.


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Tegrity, Tegrity, Tegrity...I listened constantly. I played it while doing housework,,,I put it on an IPOD and listened while commuting. You'll hear something every time that you missed before. Also, read up on ABGs,,,go to nursing journals and online and get a grip on the concept. They gave us the ROME nuemonic (sp?),,it helps a lot, but the lecture was the pits,,,no help at all,,I learned it on my own. If you know anyone in NAC I now, get their lectures and download them and start listening ASAP....I learned a lot, but there is so much information that it took me several times listening to get it all. ( I don't think you can get it "all", but most). Good Luck !

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