pls i need your comments: IELTS review centers

  1. I am very confused where should i enroll to help me polish my english skills. I feel like I can't do it by myself so I think I need assistance. I hope somebody could help me. Does anyone have experiences with these IELTS review center? I hope you could share it with me. Thanks a lot!
    1. california english language center or American english L.C. -->
    2. now you're talkin (NYT) -->
    3. pinpin review center -->
    4. reynolds review institute, inc. -->
    5. speakwell academy (makati / quezon ave.) -->

    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. God bless everyone! :wink2:
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  3. by   msdreamchaser
    hello i am also currently reviewing for IELTS at the moment and i am enrolled at california english language center. i havent' tried other review center for ielts that's why i don't have a point of comparison but i can say my review center is doing quite well... we have series of tests everyday and there is also the speaking part... in what particular english skill do you need polishing? they also have tutorial...

    in addtion, i recommend speechpower if you need to to polish english skills actually. but if you wanted to have a feel of ielts exam and strategies then do a review... god bless!
  4. by   crybaby
    thanks for the suggesstion same. i will try to consider that. hope you pass your IELTS.
  5. by   suzanne4
    Try and much cheaper, and you can do it on your own time. And they are recognized all over the world. Students from all over have used them with great results.

    I would recommend them first, and they have a proven track record. They are based in Australia.
  6. by   Ishbel21
    I am also looking for review center for my ielts. I heared positive feed back in Pin pin review center.
  7. by   ancella marie
    When I was still working on my papers it was quite unfortunate that both my TSE AND TOEFL expired before I was granted the Visa Screen :angryfire that's why I had to take IELTS
    I took a review class in Kaplan Manila and I passed it. But you know what my instructor told me that helped me alot? It is to practice, practice and practice, in answering both the written and the spoken part. So I believed that regardless of the review center alot depends on you,
  8. by   nursedandy
    My own personal experience I just took the IELTS few months ago and was fortunate enough to receive a score acceptable for my visascreen. Over all band 7.0. I did self review using free sites I found on the internet. (found a lot of good sites)Few days before the actual test I enrolled in the british council 1 day workshop. It really help me gain confidence for the test and learned a lot of strategies in dealing with the actual IELTS test. Also by attending the workshop there is a possibility that your workshop instructor will also be your interviewer for the speaking part of the test. Prayers, test strategies and practice, practice practice is the key. Best of luck to all! Just very glad
    that nurses have IELTS now aside from the TSE!
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  9. by   pisceanbabe74
    Hi fellow nurses, I'm an RN here in the Philippines. I just got my toefl iBT score, total is 85 but speaking is only 19(. I feel so pressured with the timer and that beep beep. waaaaa.

    In connection to this, does it mean that i should take the whole exam again in compliance to visa screen requirement? hmmmm, was it true that IELTS is easier? just asking. >>>still sad, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa