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Is anybody familiar with nursing in Sweden? How does RN associate degree translate to Swedish nurses? I am fluent in Swedish so language is not a problem, but I am not sure who to contact about... Read More

  1. by   KRMA
    Hello, I am in the same boat as the other girl who replied however I am currently working in Canada. My boyfriend is also from sweden moving back and wanting me to move as well. I will have 1 year experience of nursing in pediatrics by moving time. Im also not sure what my options are for nursing in sweden. I do not speak swedish however I would be willing to take a 6 month course on the language to hopefully become fluent. Not sure how difficult this may be. Do you need a certain amount of years of experience before considering moving..?

  2. by   CarmenMarie
    I would love to study in Sweden! I am just starting on my Associates though. Any advice? (other than learn Swedish)
  3. by   Anwar S
    Dear All!
    I hope u will be fine and enjoying gud health. As all of u know that in Swedon education is free.
    I need your kind help, that i have completed 3 years general Nursing Diploma and 1 year post specialize
    diploma in ICU/CCU. Now i want BSc. Nursing from Swedon, what are the criteria or any link to the specified program to be visited or any other information u have? so that i may able to apply for BSc. Nursing in Swedon.

    Thanx all of in advance..
  4. by   CarmenMarie
    What is SFI?
  5. by   Catherine Davies
    Hi everyone,

    I am a registered nurse from England and have been trying to seek ways of nursing in Sweden, I work mainly in theatres (Operating Rooms). I am not fully fluent in Swedish, however I have been learning for quite some time.

    I have been looking to move to Mellerud for quite sometime, and perhaps work in a neighbouring hospital there.

    Can you perhaps tell me what it is that I must do in order for my searching and finding a job successful in Sweden please? Should I apply to hospitals to see if there any vacancies? Should I write my l enquiries in Swedish? Will I be expected to speak Swedish at an interview stage?

    Thank you so much for your time.

    Kindest Regards...

    ~Catherine Davies
  6. by   Starqueen
    Hi! I am a RN in Sweden. I dont really know how to help you, but one way is to get in contact whit Socialstyrelsen, the grant the lincen's and such. Visit the web site Socialstyrelsen
    and also visit Arbetsfö - Arbetsförmedlingen - Möjligheternas mötesplats , hope that can help you in some way. And Welcome!! =)
  7. by   Catherine Davies
    Thank you so much that is a great help.

    That was the next question I was going to ask was 'How do I get a license'? As a local hospital not far from Torgrinsbyn wish for me to fill in an application, I need a better understanding of the Swedish language...which I am learning at the moment. And they asked me to obtain a license.

    Thank you Starqueen!

  8. by   heidi23
    hi there i just want to ask if i could possibly get a nursing job in sweden though im not a registered nurse, im a graduate of bachelors of science in nursing last 2008 but since then i havent used my degree and without any work experiences in the field but sometimes i worked part time in care giving in a sick patients .. may i know if there would be a possibilty for me to find a job in sweden or is there any exams i could pass to get through? currently living here in denmark but next year im going to move in sweden hopefully..thanks
  9. by   beth06
    Hi I am a Family Nurse Practitioner in the United States. I have a masters of science in nursing. My husband's job is transferring him to Sweden. I was wondering if anyone knows if this education will transfer to Sweden?
  10. by   DavidFR
    Quote from jonRNMD
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    I thought it was Finland????
  11. by   Jelena
    i am a nurse in serbia...a have a four year experiance as urological and surgical nurse. i was wondering if there is any chance for me to work in sweden as nurse??
    i do not know swedish language. (
    if anybody knows any info please tell me!
  12. by   lovely_kity_09
    hello every body!.I'm Vietnamese. I'm studying nursing ai Hai Phong Medical University. I intend to work as a nurse after graduating. In 3 months later there is a Student's exchange programme between our school and KRISTIANSTAD University, Sweden. So i really expect to know about nursing training in Sweden and Kristianstad. Can you give me some informations about them?