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  1. Hi
    I am from India currently working in Saudi Arabia ,I got selected to Netherlands through GNC .only waiver interview had done there were no other interview.
    They advised to start the resignation process so by end of this year I will be able to fly to Netherland. And asked me to pay 1600uro for MIC(insurance)to an agent who is in Thailand( authorised attorney given by GNC)
    But until now I am not received job offer .so how can I proceed with the resignation process and payment.
    It's really confusing. This is the way of job process in Netherland?. Please help me to clear the situation
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Personally I would be concerned and would want to see a job offer before parting with any money or resignation from work
  4. by   Fiona59
    Language skills will also be an issue.

    Do you speak, read, and write Dutch? English isn't your first language by the wording in your post.

    Every European hospital I've ever been in has required the local language and fluent English as a condition of employment.
  5. by   dishes
    Educate yourself about the requirements for IENs to become licensed RNs in the Netherlands.
    Educate yourself about the immigration and labour laws for living and working in the Netherlands.
    Once you are better informed, you should be able to recognize that you have been approached by fraudsters and you should not communicate with them, you should report them to authorities.
    These types of fraudulent job offers have been going on for many years and the thieves make a lot of money off of naive nurses.
  6. by   RaVheRon
    hi dear, i would like to know if you proceed to pay this MIC which is 1600 euro? and what happen next? looking forward in your response. Thanks