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    Just wondering if anyone knows of any good recruitment agencies to help relocate to Canada? My Fiancée has got work in Calgary Alberta and im looking for help with getting registered with the CARNA and getting my LMO its all so confusing!!! As anyone found any agencies that help with getting a job and all the paperwork??
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    Questions on registering with the CARNA should be posted in the Nurse Registration forum but issues I see are time and getting LMO as nurses no longer on skilled list and Alberta nurses are struggling for jobs so finding a employer willing to go the TWP route will be hard.

    Have you been living with your Fiancee and what sort of job is he coming over. This may have bearing on whether you can apply for a open permit based on his job.
  4. by   loriangel14
    Where are you coming from? Do you have a BSN?