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  1. Hi friends I am a foreign nurse need a lawyer for student visa please very argent
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Which country and for any reason a lawyer as most can be done by self?
  4. by   clemenine
    Hi friends I need advice , am a foreign nurse , I came with student visa inorder to go to school for BSN. But after I arrived at school the school put me in RN program which I already have in my country so I only attend school for 6 month then decided to do credential evaluation so that to have RN in USA then later to do RN to BSN program. So the credential evaluation at CGFNS went well and I did the RN Nclex pass. , now what should I do? My visa expired , can I get working visa? Do I need a laywer? Do I need to do visa screening? Am confused frasrated and scared , please help I will appreciate.
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    Do you have a BSN? If your visa has expired then what capacity are you in the country with? Work visa requires minimum of BSN and employer can not file until April and you can't start work until Oct and will be required to go to an interview and you must be in status in the US if already there. Yes you will need visa screen certificate and may have to consider going back home to wait