Becoming a Nurse Practitioner in South Korea

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    I'm starting to explore the possibility of working (at least part of the year) as a Nurse Practitioner in South Korea and I am wondering if anyone has any resources on any part of the process (if there is one). I haven't found much on the Internet so far except that their world is governed at least somewhat by the Ministry of Health.

    Does anyone have experience with how credentials transfer over, know of any international travel companies/recruiters that deal with this country? Has anyone from the U.S. worked there and what did you think about your experience, where exactly were you, etc? I'm been in cities and countryside throughout and have a feel for what it's like, but not from a healthcare worker perspective.

    I already understand the need for language fluency. Also, I'm a DNP/FNP soon to also have certification in acute care.

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  3. by   futureeastcoastNP
    In Korea, educational programs for nurse practitioners are very similar to those in the U.S. education system. But once graduated, the Korean NP does not have the venue within Korean healthcare to practice independently nor to be a collaborative part of the decision making process for patient care. South Korea currently has only one hospital nationwide that hires nurse practitioners for a defined role, but when examined closely, the role is not much different than that of the clinically experienced senior nurse in the United States.

    A trip by Korean nurse practitioners to observe U.S. nurse practitioner's practice. - Free Online Library