Advice for NP School Decision


Hi all! I recently received acceptances from Azusa Pacific University (APU) and from University of Cincinnati (UC) MSN-FNP programs for the Fall 2016 start. I am still waiting on a few more schools with their decisions (for Fall 2016 and Fall 2017 starts). My plan is to complete the MSN-FNP program as a part-time student so that I can continue working full-time (at least for as long as I can). I work a 3 x 12 hour shift schedule. My commute to APU is about 30 mins each way. My commute to work is about 1 hour each way.

A little about each program... APU's program is an onsite brick and mortar program. UC's program would be online. As far as my study style goes, I don't mind studying from home, or just going to class and then going home to study. Cost-wise, both programs would cost me about the same. UC's program might be a little more if I would need to fly out to Ohio for skills days and such. UC's program is highly ranked (based on US News Ranking).

Some questions/concerns of mine...

1) Which program would you recommend and why?

2) I've read threads about how difficult it can be to find a preceptor. How is UC's reputation in California? How difficult is it to find a preceptor in California, considering that UC is in Ohio? Does anyone know of any sites or preceptors in California who have taken UC students previously?

3) For UC's program, does anyone know how many times, if any, I would need to fly out to Ohio?

4) For current students/alumni for either programs, how was your experience? Was the workload manageable with working? How helpful were professors? Would you recommend the program?

I know some of these questions may have been answered in previous threads, but I am hoping for some recent insight. Thanks in advanced for your help! :)