Advice for a newly graduated Nurse.


I am in the process of applying for jobs. I recently graduated with my ADN and in the process of completing my BSN. I am getting callbacks. But I am not sure which route I should take. I currently work at an insurance company, so I have been looking for non-clinical Nursing Jobs. I have an upcoming interview with nursing homes. I am just not sure how or which route I should take. My dream was to be a cardiovascular nurse, but I do not have critical care experience, and I do not feel like I will get the job right now as a brand new nurse. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Have you applied at a hospital? If you can't get in working on a Tele floor, then try MedSurg just to get started. Once you're in you can always transfer to another department ;)

There's absolutely nothing wrong with starting out low and working your way up. You will gain tons of knowledge along the way!!

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Are you looking for non-clinical jobs, nursing home jobs, or cardiovascular nurse jobs?


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Thank you for your comments. I would like to be a cardiovascular nurse. However, it is extremely difficult for me to get into a hospital since most want a bachelors. My concern is, should I just take the first job I get, non clinical, nursing home? I have heard that it may be extremely difficult for one to move on past the nursing home, non clinical job, once it on your resume. I love allnurses and I have read too many times to just take whatever job you get as a new nurse. I am just confused. Sorry.


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Yes. I have applied to hospitals. Its just really hard to get an interview since I do not have a bachelors. I fear accepting a position at a nursing home or a non clinical job that may make it more difficult for me to get into the hospital.


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I have been looking for any and everything.


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If your dream is to be a CV nurse, don't let anything deter you. When I graduated, jobs were abundant (33 Nursing Jobs available in my community hospital at the time but it was in 2008) but now they don't seem as easy to come by, at least in southwestern PA. Talk to unit managers and ask them what you can do to improve yourself in their eyes. In my honest opinion, don't work in a nursing home/non clinical job. Since you are new, you still need to develop critical thinking skills and learn how to actually manage patients which is important if you want a hospital job. Nursing school is unfortunately only the tip of the iceberg. That's if you want to work in a CV unit in a hospital. It just depends on where you want to work. Sorry if that's all confusing, I just remember what it was like for me and what I had to do when I graduated to be able to work in the ICU. I was kind of in the same situation and remember that it did suck for a bit. Hope this helps? Good luck and don't give up either way.