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So, I graduated with my ADN from a small nursing school in upstate NY last May (2015) and packed up to move to Boston, where my husband was working. I had all these grandiose ideas of working in one of the country's top hospitals, where I'd get tons of experience, see so many new, innovative things, and perhaps this amazing place would help [or completely] pay for me to complete my BSN..

Then, I arrived in Boston, having passed my boards, received my license, and submitted at least 50 job applications. Not. One. Call. Not one hospital responded to my applications other than to say "Thanks, but, um, no". No one was interested in an ADN prepared nurse.

I was, to say the least, disappointed. I picked up my pride and applied to a SNF/ALF right down the street from my house - it was pretty much everything I swore I didn't want to do as an RN right out of school.

**Disclaimer: I know I sound like a whiny nurse, but I had worked as a CNA for 10 years and an LPN for a year in an ALF. I wanted the acute care experience, that of course, every other graduate nurse on the planet also wanted**

Got the job at the SNF/ALF within a week [they were impressed with my experience] and started training. I liked the place; the people were nice, the pace was easy, and I learned a few things, but it wasn't what I had *expected* when I was preparing to graduate from school. I also started an online BSN program at the same time, in the hopes that a hospital would see this on my resume offer me a job..

Fast forward 10 months to the present and my husband's job is causing us to relocate: to Yuma, AZ.. Yes, Yuma. Arizona. Yes, I know it's hot. Yes, I've heard it's a "dry heat", though. Yes, I know it's far away.. [these are my exact responses to the things people ask/say to me E V E R Y single time I say I'm moving to Yuma]

I applied for roughly 10 jobs at the [one] hospital in Yuma and received a call from their recruiter literally hours after submitting my applications. Had two interviews with the med/surg oncology unit within a week and received/accepted their offer for employment the day of my second interview [hopefully this isn't a sign that they're woefully understaffed.. :nailbiting:).

Anywho! My question to you all is: having worked as an RN for roughly 9 month in a SNF/ALF setting, what advice do you have that might help prepare me for getting back into the acute care setting? I feel like there is so much I have forgotten or just haven't thought about since graduating and taking the NCLEX. Any help would be appreciated!

TL;DR - new[ish] nurse got a job in acute care [med/surg oncology] after working in SNF/ALF for 9 months and would like advice on how to prepare/refresh for transition.

Thanks, in advance!

- AKDiamond

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It might be better to have a more anonymous presence on the internet ...especially on a career related site. I would ditch the picture and take care not to mention anything work-related on any site that's associated with your personal self. Your boss will probably not be as impressed with your selfies as your friends are.

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Your orientation, will probably be adequate to get you back to par, after a 15 year hiatus in different clinical sites as physicians office, and medical supply sales, I returned successful to critical care......


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Great - Thanks for the advice, sallyrnrt!


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Pangea Reunited, thank you for your advice - I got rid of the picture on here & on my personal sites, like Facebook & Instagram, I use my nickname (instead of my legal name), have everything set to private & don't talk about work-related issues. I didn't think about the photo on this site, though, so thank you for the tip!