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I am a New Grad and has just started my position on the Cardiac Care Unit. I am a bit nervous and scared because I don't know what to expect. Can someone please give me some advice.


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LIke any other nursing position, as a new grad be prepared for lots of "ups" and lots of "downs". It'll take you awhile to become used to nursing, let alone all the specialized cardiac stuff. Take a deep breath and remember Rome wasnt built in a day..(or year!)...and neither are nurses.

...once you begin feeling comfortable and more confident, and start really absorbing and understanding all the 'stuff', you'll be richly rewarded. Cardiac-care will undoubtedly give you a strong critical-care 'base', and if you're successful there, you'll be able to walk into any other unit and do well.

Good Luck to you.


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ChevyS, I too am a new grad starting in Cardiac. I start orientation next week. I am so excited and anxious. Good luck and keep in touch. :)


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Hello ChevyS,

How are things going with the new job? So far I have only done orientation and have one more week of that before I go to the floor and start working. Still a bit nervous here also but hope that with time I will feel more confident. I have been doing a lot of studying. So hopefully that will help. Hope all is well your way. My last week of orientation is focused on getting to know their computer system. Then after I go to the floor to start work they will sign me up for ACLS and a EKG class. Look forward to hearing from you again soon.

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